Wild Mick Brown

Drummer for Dokken. Lynch Mob, Ted Nugent, Montrose

"What a great acoustic-style approach to some songs we all know and love. Beautifully fresh and tastefully done, with a hi-fi quality sound that offers easy listening on the ears. The Black Sabbath tracks are outstanding in my opinion!!! Well done boys! Looking forward to more in the future. Perhaps a Dokken track, hmm?”

Alan Niven

Former manager of Guns N’ Roses and manager/producer of Great White, Stravinski Brothers founder

"In these barren and wretched days in which the left over remnants of a record industry churns out soulless, forgettable, dreck written by Al Gorithim, and while those bands still on respirators relive their better days, Blacklight Acoustic Conspiracy actually revitalize the past with spanking acoustic versions of classics that sound and feel of this moment now.”

Dave Rude

Guitarist for Tesla

“Blacklight Acoustic Conspiracy are great. They keep the energy and power of these classic songs while putting their own spin on things with a dynamic, all acoustic treatment.”


Lauren Wise

Music journalist for VICE/Noisey, Revolver, Phoenix New Times, Phoenix magazine, and more

"Rebourne reps a mainstay of beloved hard rock covers, but Blacklight Acoustic Conspiracy abandon convention from what people have come to expect. They layer in surprising arrangements and grounded style, from flamenco and peppery picking to red dirt and burning blues. This is hard rock acoustica at its finest, designed to get you moving."

Mitch Lafon

Host of Westwood One’s Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon

"Blacklight Acoustic Conspiracy's Rebourne is Ozzy reimagined. The stripped back versions of some of metal's most iconic songs reveal a depth and prowess in songwriting sometimes overlooked by fans and critics. Makes me crave Rebourne Vol. II or perhaps a Re-KISS-ed Vol. I."

John Holmberg

Morning Show Host of 98 KUPD’s  “Holmberg’s Morning Sickness” (#1 rock rated morning show west of the Mississippi)

“Really cool album! Interesting acoustic versions of 30, 40 and 50 year old songs that ironically sound fresher than a lot of rock music today. One of the most unique things I’ve heard in a long time.”

Marty Friedman

Guitarist Extraordinaire

"It's deceivingly hard to take songs that everybody already loves and serve them up in a new way. The more "classic" the songs, the higher the bar becomes. BAC has found that elusive and fantastic balance that retains just enough of the original spirit of ultra-classic tunes while adding a huge portion of their own style. People are gonna love this!”

Leandro Nogueira Coppi

Writer, “Roadie Crew” Magazine, Brasil

“This album is awesome! The new versions of Ozzy’s classic songs sounds sophisticated. The guys of Blacklight Acoustic Conspiracy gave beauty to the beast!"