Germany's review of "Rebourne"

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

The German music site reviewed BAC’s “Rebourne” album, here’s what

they had to say:

Album review BLACKLIGHT ACOUSTIC CONSPIRACY - "Rebourne" By MICHAEL HAIFL JAN 20, 2019 ~ 2018 (Independent) - Style: Acoustic Rock ~

BLACKLIGHT ACOUSTIC CONSPIRACY is another combo that is working as an

independent band in their search for the perfect cover. The American quintet not only

has a completely different approach to the original compositions without degrading the originals, but also offers original variations:"Spaghetti Western JUDAS PRIEST",

"Finger picked flamenco SCORPIONS" or the "Creepy music box Ozzy".

From a spontaneous BLACK SABBATH acoustic gig for which bassist Chris Catero

(Marty Friedman, WARDOG) inspired vocalist Kevin Schuhmacher (IDK) and guitarist

Michael Ennis, and once completed with guitarist Fate Taylor and percussionist Gary

Sanchez they became serious. The fact that Ozzy Osbourne never did any acoustic

shows was one of the first hurdles the BLACKLIGHT ACOUSTIC CONSPIRACY had to

take. However, the exuberant reaction made the gentlemen continue on their way, a full album called "Rebourne" represents the temporary climax. Even as this reviewer is a despiser of cover compositions, the listener was well entertained in the end. The inevitable BLACK SABBATH songs like "Paranoid" or "War Pigs" are unfamiliar in their acoustic performance, but surprisingly heavy. The supporting pillars in this atmosphere are the singer’s great performances in "I Don’t Want To Change The World" and expressive - not sounding like Ozzy - Mr. Crowley, as well as percussion that would be a real pleasure for Bill Ward. From "Shot In The Dark", American laid-back rock "Changes" mutates into a folk song and "Flying High Again" would even have David Lee Roth dancing. Fascinating.

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