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Check out all our latest acoustic versions of classic rock covers now on all the major download and streaming sites including Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer and many others. Check the site footer for where to find them!

New songs up include our versions of Rush's Tom Sawyer (yep you heard that right, an acoustic version of the Rush classic!), Def Leppard's Photograph, a very cool minor version of Motley Crue's Home Sweet Home, Dokken's It's Not Love (featuring Dokken drummer Wild Mick Brown on percussion!), and our newest single, Metallica's Sad But True, swung! Swing But True? Also check out the new 2021 versions of Judas Priest's Hellion/Electric Eye, Black Sabbath's War Pigs and the Scorpions The Zoo now remixed with new singer Tony Noyes! More songs to come soon!

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BAC would like to announce new members to the band! Please welcome singer Tony Noyes and guitarist Brian Jones! Tony has quietly been in the band for several months now recording with Mike, Chris an

So we've been recording new material and it's turning out awesome! We're almost finished with Gary's percussion tracks (as well as a special guest on one song!) and will be moving through the tracking

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